Ela Na Paixoume Playground
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Ela Na Paixoume - Childrens Playground in Aegaleo, Athens

For wonderful and fun-filled entertainment for your children, look no further than the fantastic "Ela Na Paixoume" Children's Playground in the Aegaleo region of Athens. Located in a very attractive and pleasant area, our playground is ideally located, providing a fun and safe environment for children from 1 to 10 years in age.

The "Ela Na Paixoume" playground began operation in early 2007, and though we are a relatively new playground, we have created a large number of special friendships during that short time.

Our children's playground offers a wonderful selection of fun and enjoyable activities for our young friends. The "Ela Na Paixoume" playground fulfills every ELOT specification regarding safety and operation. Within our 300 sq.meters complex, we offer endless hours of fun and games, and also the chance for children to celebrate birthdays and gatherings with their friends at our specially organised parties.

We take care of all aspects and small details of the parties that we arrange here at our playground, and our friendly and highly trained staff will always be on hand to assist with all matters.

At the "Ela Na Paixoume" playground, we offer .....

Multiple choices of games and entertainment in a ventilated environment with clima
>> Complete Organization of Children parties, including decoration, invitations and delicious catering
>> Cafeteria with TV and magazines for the adults who escort the children
>> Special playgrounds for children upto the age of 2 years
>> The playground is happy to accept visits from kindergartens or other schools
>> Organised functions such as baptisms

We look forward to welcoming you to our children's playground very soon. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the facilities or services that we can offer.


About our services
As well as our wonderful fun and enjoyable playground for children, we also offer a lovely selection of special services that can make your experience here at "Ela Na Paixoume" one that is perfect for those special family moments.


About our playground
The "Ela Na Paixoume" Children's Playground is located in the district of Aegaleo in Athens, and we hope you enjoy the unique setting and childrens entertainment and play areas that we have available.


About our location
The "Ela Na Paixoume" playground is located in a prime position in the Athens suburb of Aegaleo, and is very easy to reach. On the location page you can find a map showing our location and directions on how to reach us.